Commercial Interest Rates

Commercial Interest Rate

Commercial Interest Rates began falling following the reserve bank meeting in May 2012 and the lowering of the official cash rate by 0.5%. This move by the reserve bank along withe lower cost of funds on the money market has allowed lenders to reposition the cost of their fixed commercial interest rates. It is now possible in May 2012 to get commercial loans for 1, 2 and 3 year fixed below 6%. Best of all, some lenders are also offering reduced commitment fee’s for the right type of loan.

If you have a commercial or industrial property, and wish to revisit its finances, you can be sure right now, you will get a better deal than what you currently have by talking to us! These good interest rates are available on a combination of different loan types. These include

  1. Commercial loans
  2. Commercial Lease Doc Loans
  3. 75% LVR Commercial Loan
  4. Commercial Loans at Home Loan Rates

At Mortgage Providers, we can negotiate with the right lender the best commercial interest rates required to help you save. Further, we can position your loan with a lender that does not require any annual reviews.