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Our easy-to-use mortgage and home loan calculators are designed to be helpful. Please use them as a guide when you consider your home loan options and investment decisions. We can also supply you with some calculators to install on your desk top if you were a customer of ours.

Please feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss this…we are here to help.

How much will you save by refinancing your loan?

How much will you save by refinancing your loan? See what the savings are when you change your mortgage or lender.

Monthly Payment Calculator

Want to know how much your monthly payment will be for a particular mortgage? Work it out using this calculator
Simply fill in the boxes below to find out.

Interest-only Mortgage Calculator

To find out the monthly savings you could gain from an interest-only
payment plan, simply fill in the boxes below.

How much can I borrow?

Want to know how big of a loan you can take on? Fill in the boxes below to find out.

Additional Payment Calculator

You can save money and shave years off the length of your loan by paying more on
your monthly mortgage payment than your regularly scheduled amount. How much
can you save? Fill in the boxes below, including the amount of the additional
payment and the number of times you will make that increased payment each year.

Offset Repayment Calculator

Calculate your interest saving using this mortgage offset calculator. This offset calculator allows you to see how many years you will save off your loan by using an offset account. fill in the boxes and see how it works for your situation

LMI Comparison Calculator

Work out the cost of LMI for situation. See how your Lenders Mortgage Insurance cost compares to other lenders LMI. See alternate forms of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)which do carry the government taxes. This can save you thousands of dollars of wasted costs.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Loan Repayment calculator allows you to work out your monthly payments. See your amortization schedule over 30 years. You can make adjustments to your loan term and see your amortization schedule against that new term.

Extra Repayment Calculator

Extra payment’s will help you pay off you home loan quicker. See how extra payments can pay off your loan quicker.

What Will My Loan Repayments Be? Find out how much your loan repayments would be for any borrowed amount, using different interest rates and loan terms.

Loan Comparision Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator – deciding on different lenders, loan products and structures can be confusing. That is what we are here for…to do the legwork for you! But if you want to have a look at two different loans, side by side, please use this mortgage calculator.

Standard Fees Calculator

Work out your total purchase costs required to buy the property. How Much Will Stamp Duty Be? The amount of stamp duty paid will vary from state to state and territory. The amount of stamp duty payable on your property transaction will be affected by your status as a First Home Buyer or not. You may find that you could be exempt from the stamp duty payable or the amount may be lowered depending on your individual set of circumstances.

Income Tax Calculator

See which tax bracket your are in depending on your income. Work out your net (after Tax) income using this online calculator.


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