Variable Home Loans

Loan Category Interest RateComparison RateContact Us
Basic/Discount Variable3.59%3.60%Apply Now
Professional Package3.64%4.02%Apply Now
Offset Loan3.64%4.02%Apply Now
Line of Credit4.06%4.28%Apply Now

Fixed Home Loans

Fixed Loan TermInterest RateComparison RateContact Us
1 Year Fixed3.69%3.74%Apply Now
2 Year Fixed3.64%4.21%Apply Now
3 Year Fixed3.64%4.21%Apply Now
4 Year Fixed3.80%3.75%Apply Now
5 years fixed3.80%3.75%Apply Now
10 years fixed5.79%4.11%Apply Now

Low Doc Home Loans

Low Doc Loan TypeInterest RateComparison RateContact Us
1 Year Fixed3.99%4.51%Apply Now
2 Year Fixed3.75%4.78%Apply Now
3 Years fixed3.85%4.79%Apply Now
4 Year Fixed4.39%4.55%Apply Now
5 Years fixed3.85%4.79%Apply Now
Variable Offset Loan4.17%4.53%Apply Now
Line of credit4.06%4.26%Apply Now
Professional Package Variable4.17%4.53%Apply Now

Commercial Loans

Loan Category Interest RateContact Us
Commercial 1 Year Fixed4.45%Apply Now
Commercial 2 Year Fixed4.50%Apply Now
Commercial 3 Year Fixed4.45%Apply Now
Commercial 4 Year Fixed4.75%Apply Now
Commercial 5 Year Fixed4.85%Apply Now
Commercial Variable Rate Loans4.54%Apply Now
Commercial Line of Credit6.25%Apply Now
Commercial Lease DocAs AboveApply Now
Commercial Variable Loan Over $2m – $4m4.49%Apply Now