La Trobe is an Australian founded, owned and operated mortgage lender which was established on 3 August 1952 in Melbourne.

La Trobe has established and maintains a broad geographic spread of quality, primarily residential mortgage assets across Australia, with over 80% of securities domiciled in the major capital Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

La Trobe today is a comprehensive mortgage investment management group, encompassing very substantial wholesale investments from some of Australia’s and the worlds largest banking institutions; private mortgage investment operations; insurance; funds management and mortgage servicing administration.

It is one of the largest privately held financial services businesses in Australia, with total assets held and under management at 30 June 2004 exceeding $1.3 Billion, and serving some 27,000 customers for both mortgages and investments having lent of $4.3 Billion Dollars to 83,000 customers since inception.