Can you get a home loan at 90% LVR with no LMI?

Yes you can.This is not an exception to the rule product but a blanket approval for all registered Medical Practitioners, Dental practitioners, Accountants, Legal Professionals, and Engineers.

What is a 90% LVR Home Loan without LMI?

A home loan at 90% LVR means you only need to contribute 10% in either cash or equity from another property without the need to pay LMI to secure the loan.

Requirements for 90% LVR with NO LMI Home Loan

All lenders who offer a 90% LVR with NO LMI home loans require you to have demonstrated affordability or capacity to service the loan. Further, there are a small number of lenders who will lend you at 90% LVR with NO LMI even if you are on probation or have established your own practice as recent as 6 months ago..

Up to how much can I borrow at 90% LVR with No LMI?

You can borrow up to $5,000,000 per property and up to a total of $15,000,000 per portfolio.

Interest Rate at 90% LVR with No LMI

Most lenders when going outside their normal lending criteria’s will not offer discounts or even charge more, however we have access to some of the most competitive pricing in the market and some generous discounts off the standard variable rates. . A Mortgage Providers broker can explain which lenders are suitable and guide you through this.

Costs at 90% LVR with No LMI

The costs at 90% LVR with No LMI are the same as a normal type of loan. Depending on the size of the loans our Mortgage Providers staff can even look at getting some of the fees waived, just call and speak to us.

Refinance, new purchase, Equity Access all at 90% LVR with NO LMI?

Yes, yes and Yes you can do all 3 and lots more using this policy as long as you are a registered medical practitioner, dentist, Legal Professional, Accountant, and Engineer.

Can we do more that 90% LVR with NO LMI?

Yes however this is on an exceptions basis and client must be able to meet some more stringent criteria to be eligible especially in the medical sector professions. For this option your will need to speak to one of our Mortgage Provider specialist to discuss whether you would be eligible.